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Welcome to iSos

iSos is a full featured Science on a sphere GUI. Other features include a drag and drop playlist editor, as well as a traditional text style playlist editor. Image files are previewed before play, and your media library is indexed for direct from library play.

A Quick Note on the state of iSos

iSos is still beta software, and although we make ABSOLUTLY NO guarentees about its fitness for ANY task, even those implide by its title or this page, we can say thats its never broken any thing of ours, and desnt even toutch the sos base system. It is compleetly writen in python, with the help of pygtk.



Verson 0.6.6 released for testing. Major improvements include Playlist text editing, play list drag and drop details editing, and setup dialog. Synstax checking also updated for pip. Plaese read the READEME! and the TODO. if you still have questions email me, or post a bug report on sourceforge. If you want a feature thats not in the TODO, ask, through a sourcefoge feature request, or email me.

This is Only a temporary page. Please come back soon for updates.